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Intrinsic Home Care was borne out of the overwhelming desire to serve the sick, elderly, and disabled residents of the Chicago Metropolitan area and Northwest Indiana. We are an independently-owned and operated provider of home care services, fully compliant with all licensing and statutory requirements as well as the Health Care Worker Background Check Act. We employ a competent and experienced care staff that provides top-notch services to clients in the comforts of home.

All monies derived from the Indiana Workforce Investment Grant will be utilized as follows: Intrinsic Home Care, LLC. will dedicate 20% of the grant toward covering overtime 30% would be applied for vacation time for full-time staff. The remaining 50% will go toward staff bonuses contingent on a minimum of 6 months of employment with the agency. The administration team feels the addition of paid time off and bonuses will boost staff morale and encourage our staff to continue to work in the field.

Company History

Intrinsic Home Care was established in the fall of 2016. We recognize the importance of independent living as well as the struggles and challenges of caring for an aging, disabled, or sick loved one. Our agency offers private home services that encompass a considerable range of areas. We are able to assist and support clients in living dignified and independent lives at home. Our team offers stellar companion care, personal care, respite care, and various exceptional care solutions such as transitional care, Alzheimer’s care, skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapy, and rehabilitation services for those with developmental disabilities. Our services are specifically structured around our patients’ needs, helping them remain in the comforts of home and offering peace of mind to their loved ones. Our caregivers are more than equipped to handle all your needs, providing everything from minimal supervision to complete hands-on assistance with everyday living activities and self-care tasks.

Our Paraprofessional and Professional Care Team

Through rigorous screening that involves background and reference checks, Intrinsic Home Care is able to ensure clients nothing less than competent and highly qualified caregivers, therapists, nurses, and aides whose top priorities are to provide safety and high-quality care. Our effective client-matching system helps us find care professionals for skilled home health, memory care, transitional care, personal care, and companion care in Illinois and Indiana. We want to find staff members who are the ideal fit for patients depending on their specific needs and goals. One hundred percent customer satisfaction is what we strive to accomplish through complete supervision of care and nursing oversight. All caregivers receive training from IPCED.

Online Family Portal

What You Need to Know About Intrinsic Home Care’s Online Family Portal

  • An online family portal that sends schedules, news, and updates about patients through text messaging
  • A system that allows easy access to all members of the patient’s care and support team
  • Provides real-time alerts of client injury along with any additional updates
  • It keeps families and physicians up to date regarding the patient’s current condition

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Privately Paid Support Services

Intrinsic Home Care requires caregivers to undergo extensive screening, training, and supervision to ensure utmost trust and confidence in our services. We deliver in-home personal care services to clients in their residence of choice, be it their own home, a relative’s home, or a care facility. Our services may be covered by long-term care insurance policies or privately paid by individuals, families, trust funds, or veteran assistance programs.

Payments With InsuranceWe offer competitive prices that serve your specific needs and suit your budget. Pricing may also depend on the type as well as the extent of care you require. For more information about our rates, please contact either of our offices at 219-961-2560 / 312-967-3177. Feel free to schedule an assessment at any time so we can develop a care plan that fits your individual circumstances.

Why Choose Intrinsic Home Care – Services That are Ideal for Your Loved One

Focus on Quality of Life | Family Caregivers | Flexibility | Quality Help | Accessibility

  • Home care, as one would expect, is delivered within the comforts and safety of our clients’ own residences. Nothing can simply compare to being cared for in a safe, comfortable, and familiar environment where one is showered with an abundance of love and support by family members and friends.
  • Home care strengthens the bonds of families by keeping them together during incredibly difficult times. During times when your loved ones need you most, you should be there for them always. Home care allows that to happen.
  • Optimal healing is achieved when one receives care at home. Studies have proven, time and time again, that recovery miraculously speeds up at home.
  • Home care is synonymous with superior personalized care. People are unique in their own way. Through home care services, individuals are able to receive the type of care that is customized according to their specific needs.
  • Stress that usually accompanies an illness or disability is greatly reduced with the help of home care. While diseases and medical conditions are indeed a source of struggle and stress, these issues get nowhere near the level that they usually do when one is being cared for at home.
  • Home care is cost-effective. The cost of home care services is significantly less than hospitalization and most of the time, much more affordable than receiving care in nursing or assisted living homes.


Jasmine C. Bankhead, Ed.D. – Chief Executive Officer

Our founder, Jasmine Bankhead, has over 20 years of experience in educational leadership, organizational development, community engagement, staff development, and influencing systematic change. She is the President and CEO of Intrinsic Home Care, a full-service home and community-based services organization that serves both Illinois and Indiana. As President and CEO, Jasmine is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, as well as cultivating and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders to execute the priorities of the organization and ensure the fidelity of program operations.

Jasmine holds a Doctorate of Education with a focus on Organizational Leadership, Master’s degrees in Human Resource Management and Development, Teaching, Administration, and Supervision, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is an active board member in several community-based organizations, including The Chicago Urban League’s IMPACT Alumni Association, ELIHU Nation, and Next Level University.

Leeta Dyer – Chief Operating Officer

Leeta Dyer joins the Intrinsic Home Care team as the Chief Operating Officer and brings a wealth of expertise with her. In her role as Chief Operating Officer, Leeta will design, plan, and implement business strategies, reimagine training and development initiatives, and build and maintain strategic partnerships as she supports the vision of the organization. She will oversee the daily operations and the work of the entire staff while helping to promote company culture, vision, and growth.

Since 2004, Leeta has partnered and worked with various executives, organizations, management teams, performance consultants, and subject matter experts to understand desired business outcomes that translate into learning objectives, methodologies, and organization development solutions. In her most recent role, as Program Director she successfully created two certification programs within the State of Illinois while identifying, initiating, and maintaining business relationships with other state agencies.

Leeta has a B.A. in Corporate and Organizational Communication, a Master’s Degree in Adult Education as well as an ABD.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in 2002 in Corporate and Organizational Communication Master’s Degree in 2004 and Educational Doctorate (ABD) in 2014 in Adult Education with an emphasis in Human Resource Development from Northern Illinois University.

Her specialties include Human Resource Development, Training/Learning and Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Curriculum creation, Course Facilitation, Diversity and Inclusion, and Instructional Design and Development.

Alexa von Rothe – Program Manager

Alexa obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Music and Psychology at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio. Alexa has 30 years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Alexa began her career as a Direct Support Professional in the residential sector before obtaining her Bachelor’s degree. Alexa has also worked in the residential care sector as a Qualified Developmental Disability Professional (QDDP) for 20 years and worked as a Case Manager for 4 years. Alexa von Rothe also has experience as a Private Consultant assisting agencies to become waiver-approved providers with CARF accreditation.

Since 1991 Alexa has worked with non-profit organizations and for-profit organizations. Through private consulting, Alexa worked with large and small agencies in the residential, behavior management, and vocational sectors. This experience has allowed her to provide assistance with program development, policy and procedure development, client advocacy, estate planning, and staff training.

We urge you to get in touch with our coordinators at any of our offices today. You may simply call 219-961-2560 / 312-967-3177 or send an email to requesting more information about our agency. We also invite you to sit down with our staff for a free assessment!