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Stimulating Activities That Keep Seniors Occupied

Do you have the impression that elderly loved ones in your life have gradually sunk into a daily rut? It’s not uncommon for older people to get into a habit that eventually dulls their spirit and harms their physical and mental health. Intrinsic Home Care, Inc., a recommended provider of Companion Care in Illinois, encourages seniors to engage … Continue reading

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Ways to Help Prevent Stress in Seniors

Our muscles tense up as a result of stress, which also causes the adrenal glands to produce cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones increase our level of energy, which in turn causes our heart rate and blood pressure to rise. All of these are common stress reactions that are harmless as long as they don’t occur … Continue reading

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Why Is Cardiac Arrest a Case that Poses a Life Threat?

A sudden death brought on by the loss of heart function is known as sudden cardiac death. This type of death, also known as sudden cardiac arrest, has historically been the most common in the US. The phrases “heart attack” and “cardiac arrest” are frequently confused. They are, nonetheless, very dissimilar in many aspects. Typically, … Continue reading

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Interesting Hobbies for the Elderly

People with advanced age may find that they have more time on their hands, especially since they no longer need to keep a job to sustain themselves. With all the time in the world, it isn’t a surprise to hear that most elderly people have close to no idea what to do with their newly-found … Continue reading

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Various Kinds of Companion Care

Technological advancements, especially in the field of medicine have come a long way. Among the positives it has brought is increasing the lifespan of people. More and more individuals reach senior years and the majority of them opt to age at home. They need some form of home care services such as personal care in … Continue reading

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Signs That Indicate a Person Requires Home Care

Independence is valuable to every person. This holds especially true for adults because being independent means so much to them. While most adults have no trouble living on their own, it’s another story for the rest. Patients and seniors may find it a little too challenging to take care of themselves. Even a simple task, … Continue reading

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