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Providing people with developmental disabilities with the opportunity to continue living in the home and community of their choice.

At Intrinsic Home Care, we strive to support individuals with developmental disabilities to have the most independence and control over their own lives. We want to provide our clients with the opportunity to continue living and working in the neighborhood of their choice. We do this through the provision of comprehensive, person-centered services tailored to match their unique circumstances and needs. Through our services, we seek to promote wellness, health, and a high quality of life.

Our services include:

Wellness Coordination Services

Our Wellness Coordination Services include the development, oversight, and maintenance of a Wellness Coordination Plan. It also includes face-to-face consultation with the clients, coordination and staff training regarding the client’s health care needs, consultation with physicians and other medical personnel, and regular physical assessments. Through the supervision of an RN, we coordinate all of the client’s wellness and healthcare needs. Based on our client’s health needs, they can be assigned to Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III.

  • Tier I. Weekly consultation/review with an RN or LPN. This includes a face-to-face visit once a month.
  • Tier II. Weekly consultation/review with an RN or LPN. This includes a face-to-face visit at least twice per month.
  • Tier III. Twice-weekly consultation/review with an RN or LPN. This includes a face-to-face visit once a week.

Community Habilitation – Group and Individual

Our Community Habilitation services are intended to support the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities who live at home but require assistance and life skills development to increase their independence. Services can include independent home living skills, sensory/motor development, social skills development, community living, recreational activities, self-care, and more. Through our Community Habilitation services, we help our clients develop the skills necessary to be active participants in their homes and communities.

  • Group Sizes. Small groups (4:1 or smaller), Medium groups (5:1 to 10:1)
  • Individual. Allowable Ratio (1:1)

Participant Assistance and Care

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC) provides individuals with developmental disabilities with the opportunity to continue living in their own homes and community instead of being institutionalized. These services support and enable our clients to remain independent in activities of daily living and self-care. Other services also include assistance with personal care, mobility assistance, supervision and monitoring, escort to activities and appointments, and more.

Residential Habilitation

Our Residential Habilitation services are provided for individuals with developmental disabilities who live alone or with family. These services are provided in the person’s home and community, and it is designed to support each person in their efforts to achieve maximum independence at home. After an evaluation, a support plan is developed. It includes specific goals for improvement in daily living skills, medication management, community participation, homemaking skills, and social skills. Ultimately, the goal of our residential habilitation service is to provide individuals with the social and adaptive skills needed so that they can continue to reside in their chosen community.

Behavior Support Services

Our Behavior Support Services combine evidence-based practices to resolve behavioral challenges in persons with developmental disabilities. It includes assistance, supervision, and training in the appropriate expression of emotions, social skills development, and the reduction of inappropriate behaviors. Through our behavior support services, we also aim to improve the individual’s independence, community participation, and overall quality of life.

Transportation Services

With our Transportation Services, waiver participants are provided access to any non-medical community services, places of employment, and other resources/destinations. Through our transportation services, we increase our client’s independence, community participation, and ability to move within the community. It also prevents institutionalization as specified by the ISP and POC/CCB.

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