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Dedicated support, uniquely for you

Intrinsic Home Care’s Participant Assistance Care services ensure that every individual’s unique needs are met with dedication, professionalism, and compassion. We understand that every client has specific requirements, and our services aim to make daily tasks easier, more comfortable, and highly efficient.

Duties of our caregivers offering Participant Assistance Care include:

  • Daily Activity Planning and Supervision
  • Special Needs Support
  • Assistance with Appointments
  • Specialized Care and Monitoring
  • Individualized Therapies and Exercises
  • Communication Assistance

Our mission in providing Participant Assistance Care is to ensure that every individual can enjoy a life filled with comfort, dignity, and the utmost care, regardless of their specific needs or challenges.

You can get more information on our structured family care service by calling either of our offices at 219-961-2560 / 312-967-3177. You may also send an email to with your questions and inquiries.