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Early Arthritis Symptoms and What to Do About It

Early Arthritis Symptoms and What to Do About It

Arthritis is a common condition, but it isn’t understood well. According to, instead of being a single disease, arthritis refers to over 100 diseases and conditions that involve joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and decreased range of motion. As a provider of personal care in Indiana, we have catered to several patients suffering from arthritis.

Some early signs of arthritis include:

  • Pain – This may be short or long-term. It can also affect one or more parts of the body.
  • Swelling – The skin around the affected joint may become red and swollen, feeling warm to the touch.
  • Stiffness – This is most especially when waking up in the morning or sitting.
  • Difficulty moving a joint – It becomes painful to get up or walk.

When you experience these symptoms, keep track of your symptoms for a few weeks. Note what is swollen or stiff, when, how long, and what eases it. This helps your doctor determine which type of arthritis you have. If you have a fever along with these symptoms, it may be best to seek immediate medical care.

You will usually be asked to perform physical tests to check the range of motion in your joints, review your medical history, and take lab tests as needed.

Patients with arthritis experience difficulty in doing their usual daily tasks without help. But we at Intrinsic Home Care, Inc., offer home care services to help these individuals cope with their symptoms.

We also provide services such as personal care, respite care, dementia and Alzheimer’s care, and companion care in Illinois. Call us today to learn more.

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