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Helping Your Loved Ones With Developmental Disabilities Maintain Their Social Skills

A developmental disability should not hinder anyone from socializing and interacting with others. Your loved ones with developmental disabilities can get a little help from you in maintaining their social skills. Apart from providing personal care in Indiana, you can also do the following in terms of their socialization.

  • Encourage them to join social events.

    Plenty of social events have been organized in various communities or by different organizations. These events serve as an avenue for individuals with developmental disabilities and even other people to socialize.

    These disabilities should not hinder them from attending social events. Find out what events are about to take place in your community and tell your loved ones about them. Encourage them to join. If you want to, you can participate, as well.

  • If possible, drive them to social gatherings.

    Driving can be a great challenge for your loved ones. A lot of people with developmental disabilities typically ask providers of home care services to arrange for transportation.

    You can also arrange for such transportation service to get your loved ones to a social gathering. You can also volunteer to drive them to their destination.

  • Invite friends over for lunch or dinner.

    If they are having troubles going out, why not invite others in? You can ask for your family members’ friends to come over, instead. You can prepare a simple lunch or dinner for a get-together. The important thing is that there is an opportunity for your loved ones to interact with old friends, talk about their lives and see how they are doing.

    Just make sure that your loved ones agree to have their home open to their friends at a certain time. It is their home and, therefore, their rules. Also, see to it that you will help them in the preparations and the cleaning after the get-together.

  • Enroll them in recreational clubs.

    You might want to enroll your loved ones to clubs intended for the developmentally disabled. Joining a club can help them meet other people in the same boat as theirs. They can talk about their struggles with those who really understand what they are going through.

    It will be best if you know which activities your loved ones like to do. This will help you narrow down your choices and determine the best club they can participate in. You can have a provider of companion care in Illinois accompany them.

As part of our new service offerings, Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. is now providing Community Habilitation – Group and Individual service for individuals with developmental disabilities. Call us today to know more about this service.

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