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6 Morning Habits for Elders to Jumpstart Their Day

6 Morning Habits for Elders to Jumpstart Their Day
When you want your day to turn out right, start with your mornings. Since it is the earliest part of the day, anything you do will certainly impact the succeeding hours. From the time you wake up, you should already be clear about your goals, especially for seniors.

Mostly, elders have no trouble waking up early and they prefer to keep it that way. But most of them just stay awake and go on with a mundane routine. Commonly after breakfast, they start flicking the cable channels for their favorite daytime TV shows. This is not good. As per health experts, a sedentary lifestyle will only weaken the cardiovascular system and increase the chances of obesity.

How should baby boomers jumpstart their mornings? Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. got a handful of suggestions:

  1. Rehydrate.

    Before anything else, encourage your baby boomers to grab a glass of water as soon as they wake up. Though not known to many, we tend to lose some of our water reserves while we sleep. Plus, drinking water upon waking up gives that rejuvenating effect. It somehow comforts you and puts you in the mood.

  2. Jogging.

    One of the best ways to get the day started is by being physical. By maintaining this activity, your seniors’ body will be toned. Consequently, flexibility, balance, and endurance are upped. Their tolerance for chronic pain is increased as well.

  3. Yoga.

    This beautiful art of breathing is a remarkable thing to do in the morning. It helps sharpen elderly persons’ minds and increase their productivity rate. The bonus part is yoga does not require a lot of training and expensive apparatuses.

  4. Religious practices.

    Most seniors are religious. To help them grow deeper in their faith, it is best if they start their worship service early in the morning, so that they will be integrally ready to face the day.

  5. Breakfast.

    You should never let them skip their breakfast. Also, it must be filled with energy-packed food variants that will be sufficient to help them last the whole day. Nota bene: a cup of coffee or tea does not qualify as a proper breakfast meal.

  6. Gardening.

    During late dawn to morning is the perfect time to groom the garden. The temperature is just perfect. Since the sun is not that up yet, your senior will not be roasted by the UV rays. What’s more? The breeze is still mild and sweet. Just the perfect gales to keep the veterans fresh.

Finally planned out the perfect morning regimen for your aged relatives? Share it with Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. Since we have been providing Personal Care in Indiana for quite some time already, we have a fine share of experience when dealing with the elders. Our expertise can help better their day-to-day living!

One thing is certain, we are not your ordinary giver of Companion Care in Illinois. We are not just planning on meeting your expectations, we aspire to exceed them!

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