4 Benefits of Regular Exercise for Older Adults

Exercise and physical activity are good for everyone and daily routines should include them. A lot of studies have proven the health benefits of exercise which are essential as you age. Doing physical activity on a regular basis helps in improving physical and mental health that can boost your independence.

Age shouldn’t stop you from exercising. Indeed, aging requires a more active lifestyle. You probably have an ideal weight. However, you will want to strengthen your muscles and improve your health through strength training and cardio activity. If exercising alone is not your thing, consider our Companion Care in Illinois to have an exercise buddy. Here’s how exercising can benefit you in your golden years:

  • Reduce your Risk of Developing Chronic IllnessesRegular exercise improves your overall immune function. With a strong immune system, your body can ward off infections that can lead to several health problems. Exercising helps you lose weight, prevent weight gain, and maintain an ideal weight. It can help reduce your risk of falls. Even light exercises like walking can already help in preventing diseases.
  • Boost your Strength and Energy LevelsAs you age, your energy levels, metabolism, and muscle mass tend to decrease. Exercising regularly can prevent this from taking place. You can perform an aerobic activity for thirty minutes to get a good energy boost. Also, consider non-impact exercises such as yoga and Tai-chi.
  • Improve your Mental HealthWhen you exercise, your brain produces the “feel good” hormone called endorphins that relieve stress and leave you feeling positive and happy. As your heart rate increases with exercise, more oxygen gets pumped to your brain which can aid in the release of various hormones to promote brain cell growth. Also, exercise may improve sleep quality which is beneficial to you if you have sleep issues.
  • Increase your Safety at HomeSeniors are at risk of falls that can lead to serious injuries and reduce independence. Regular physical activity improves your flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance, decreasing your risk of falls. As a provider of Home Care Services, we want to suggest that you take steps to prevent falls because recovering from them can take much longer.
  • Improve Social InteractionExercising keeps you going and meeting people. Whether you choose to join a fitness group or walk in the park with your friends, you can make exercise a social event. Being able to continuously connect with other people can help you maintain a sense of purpose, as well as avoid isolation and loneliness that can put you at risk of depression.

Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. believes in healthy aging for the body, mind, and spirit. We help our clients take part in various physical activities. Regardless of what you enjoy, we will help you find an option for staying fit and healthy. Whether you need companion care or Personal Care in Indiana, call us right away at 219-961-2560.

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