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4 Flavor Substitutes That Are Healthier for Seniors


When your loved ones reach old age, they may encounter plenty of dietary restrictions, depending on their prevalent health conditions. These can be a source of worry for your elderly family members. How much can you limit your senior loved ones’ diet without putting the flavor at risk? After all, the flavor of what people eat is a good motivator of how much they eat.

To ensure that your elderly family members will still love the food they’re eating, here are four good substitutes to maintain the food’s great flavor and to keep their eating experience alive:

  • Use fresh herbs and spices instead of salt

    Salt consumption in the extremes can be harmful, especially for seniors with health conditions. Unfortunately, the elderly tend to over-salt their food as this is a flavor profile that they lose sensitivity to. To ensure if they are still enjoying the food they’re eating, try to flavor up their food using fresh herbs and spices like oregano, paprika, and basil.

  • Find recipes that use naturally sweet fruits instead of sugar

    It is not a bad idea to swap the sugar we use with our food with natural sugars from fruits. It will just have to be a test of one’s creativity. Can we use the sugar in bananas when making our elderly family members’ favorite shake? Yes, we can.

  • Naturally sour fruits can be used for flavor, too!

    Acidic fruits like oranges and grapes can be good for flavoring as well! We just need to be willing to experiment with different recipes and methods where these fruits will work the best. We get to have fun while ensuring good food for our senior family members.

  • Use sources of healthy fat

    It would be hard to avoid oil in the food we eat, as much as we want to. It’s a good thing that our world is full of natural fat from nuts, soy products, and even fatty fish. Healthy cholesterol levels are indeed achievable!

As a provider of Companion Care in Illinois, Intrinsic Home Care, Inc. ensures that your elderly loved ones have the dietary provisions suited to their needs. With our Home Care Services, they are in good hands.

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