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Energizing the Body Even in Old Age

Energizing the Body Even in Old Age

For your senior loved ones, their body is just no longer as active and young as it used to be. Age does that to them. They may feel particularly down about it and may find difficulty with coming to terms with it. After all, they have gone through all their years in life with complete autonomy and now they are being limited.

But it doesn’t always have to sound so bleak and so sad. There are many ways for the elderly to get active again despite the many limitations!

They can begin with any of these four exercises to energize their body at any time:

  1. Swimming

    This may seem like it is a lot of work for the elderly, but swimming in itself isn’t too stressful if you’re not swimming in a competition. Even leisurely swimming helps relieve pain and tension in the joints.

  2. Aerobics

    Aerobics is fairly simple and doesn’t require too much from their body, especially if it is a program meant for the elderly. It has been shown to help lower cholesterol and improve the immune function of the body. It has even been said to be able to contribute to lowering blood pressure.

  3. Chair Yoga

    This is yoga done in a chair! Learning this allows our senior loved ones to exercise even while sitting down. With their limited energy, this is the perfect exercise for them to maintain as part of their day-to-day activities. It will help reduce stress and fatigue and may even increase their energy.

  4. Dancing

    Dancing is not only fun, it also ensures that the heart rate is kept up. While it may sound dangerous for our elderly loved ones, keeping the body moving helps with creating energy and endurance in the body. This is something our senior loved ones would definitely need.

All this shows that life does not have to end with our limited stock of energy as old people. For as long as there is air that flows into our lungs, it is always possible to live full lives, even in old age. It is important for our elderly to know this: their energy may be limited, but their passion for life should never run out.

At Intrinsic Home Care, Inc., a provider of Personal Care in Indiana, we believe in helping our senior loved ones create this much-needed energy for themselves. With our competent and highly qualified caregivers, we can ensure the best for them.

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