Interesting Hobbies for the Elderly


People with advanced age may find that they have more time on their hands, especially since they no longer need to keep a job to sustain themselves. With all the time in the world, it isn’t a surprise to hear that most elderly people have close to no idea what to do with their newly-found freedom, so they resort to staying in their respective fields of work. Intrinsic Home Care, Inc., a provider of Companion Care in Illinois, is here to help!

There are tons of interesting hobbies out there that not only serve to keep us free from boredom but also benefit our bodies and minds — hitting two birds with one stone. Here are a few that we have found to be helpful to elderly people in particular:

  • Sports: engaging in physical activity has always been beneficial to the human body, and it’s no different when you’re older! Things like swimming, golf, yoga, tai chi, and even dancing are great places to start!
  • Fitness Activities: as sports might not be the go-to hobby for everyone, activities that involve physical exercise are great alternatives. These are hiking, cycling, Nordic walking, and gym activities. They’re excellent for keeping the body in shape and yet not as strenuous as sports.
  • Gardening: aside from beautifying the home, gardening also gives you an immense sense of satisfaction. It helps reduce stress levels, provides fresh air, and sustains you with the food you grow, too!

We provide personal care in Indiana and are more than ready to accompany your elderly loved ones in this delicate and eventful stage in their lives.

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