Various Kinds of Companion Care


Technological advancements, especially in the field of medicine have come a long way. Among the positives it has brought is increasing the lifespan of people. More and more individuals reach senior years and the majority of them opt to age at home. They need some form of home care services such as personal care in Indiana in order to do so. This includes companion care which can be provided in various settings like homes, home hospice, or even in assisted living circumstances. Companion care is very beneficial to us seniors because it can give us emotional help, enhance our life’s quality, and gives us companionship. Read on to know about the different kinds of companion care.

  • In-home companion services

    This kind of companion care is normally characterized by shorter visits with particular aims like meal preparation, help with personal hygiene, transport to various appointments, or shopping for groceries. Well-person checks also happen when family members, close friends, and other members of our community stop by on a routine schedule. This kind of assistance could come from the church in our locality, our neighbors, or from paid services from agencies.

  • Live-in companion services

    These types of home care services are normally offered by a home care agency where round-the-clock shifts are provided by a single or several individuals. These setups are suited well in making us seniors stay in our respective homes as long as we possibly can. Among the services provided are meal preparation, housekeeping, personal hygiene, and transport services.

  • Hospice companion services

    There are several ways hospice companion care is provided. Volunteers from a hospice stop in to visit and assist us seniors. A certain volunteer may run errands for us or assist us in getting to our appointments. Hospice has home health aides to aid us with our personal requirements and for respite visits as well.

  • Religious-based companion services

    We can avail of this kind of companion service from several religious groups such as the Christian or Catholic companion care, etc. If we have been part of a particular religious group, it is advisable that we start looking for companion care within this community first. Those with who we are familiar make amazing companions. If we are not, almost all of the religious communities are willing to assist us.

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